Do you take in any breed or only Dachshunds?›

We prefer to take in Dachshund or Dachshund mixes, but we have loosened our normal requirements on occasion for special cases. When a small dogs' life is at stake, we have rescued it. Most recent was a young Chihuahua.

Where are you located?›

We do not have a shelter, but our main business location is in Catalina, AZ.

How much does is cost to adopt a dog?›

Adoption fees vary: Puppies under 1 yr. are $300, average adult rescues vary between $175-$250 with most being $200, our seniors are our special little guys and gals and we adopt them out at a special Senior Rate which is usually less than what we have spent on them.

Why does adopting cost so much?›

The rescue has invested in every dog that comes to us. Most (not all) need to be spayed/neutered, all vaccinations updated, checked for parasites and treated if present, micro-chipped and these are the basics. Some are in severe need of dentals costing a few hundred dollars and up. We have treated broken bones, had emergency C-sections on females that have arrived very pregnant, treated Valley Fever, Tick Fever, ringworm, Kennel Cough, the list is a long one. When you adopt from us, we make certain the dog is as healthy as we can get it, if there is an ongoing health issue, the public is informed so they can make their choice if this is something they want to deal with.

Do you adopt out of state?›

We do not adopt out of state for a few reasons but the number one reason is; if the dog is not a good match when it arrives to it's new home, we have no way to retrieve it. By adopting only within the state of Arizona, if the adoption does not work out, we can bring the dog back into our rescue.